Sunday, August 11, 2013

It’s not California…

Oh, this is gonna be a rough week for me. My baby (OK, she’s in her 30s, but she’s still my baby) is moving out of NYC. The last one of the three to go. I knew it was coming, but was living quite comfortably in the land of denial. And as she keeps reminding me, it’s only Boston, not California.

Annisa_fly-webI made this page about a month ago, before the news was official. Now everybody knows, and it can go public. Just a note, this is not a very recent photo of her, but it’s one of my favorites and I think it was taken in an airport, which makes it appropriate. And she really doesn’t look any different now. She’s as vibrant and beautiful as the colors on the page.

Oh, this week is gonna be hard. I just have to keep repeating: It’s not California. It’s not California…

Credits: Template from the Going Solo package by Mye De Leon (Pixels & Co.); Paper from Quilted with Love by Janet Scott Design; Ribbons from Break the Pattern by Lauren Grier; Bird from Touch the Sky by Digilicious Designs. I have searched through every folder to track down where I got the alphabet and flowers from, but I can’t find them. I’ll update this as soon as I do.


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