Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Inventor of the Year? Moi?!!!

And what is that contraption, anyway?

Do you remember the pic of the stacks of printed and cut wedding invitation pieces that I showed you the other day? The ones for my cousin? Well, the construction of them was looking to be truly fearsome, as they required a degree of precision and consistency of a scope beyond anything I've ever done before. And having to make 120 of them in a short period of time was scaring the heck out of me! So I cut down a piece of foam-core board, and created a template/frame to make the job much simpler, and foolproof!

Wanna see what the finished product will look like? (My apologies to any family members who might be reading this who will now not be surprised when they get theirs in the mail.)

The ribbon is looped at the top, runs through the center of each panel, between the layers. And the bottom one, the RSVP, is attached in such a way that it can just be slid off the ribbon and mailed back in the envelope. Oh, and what you can't see is that on the back of the middle piece is another pink panel for Transportation.

Now, this is only a mock-up, for measuring purposes. I used text-weight paper for this one, whereas the real ones will use all 80# cardstock. But can you just imagine having to put together 120 of these — centering the ribbon, getting the loop and the distance between each piece consistent — without something like my little contraption? I am (perhaps inordinately) proud of myself for this one!

And so, my dear friends, you know what I'll be doing this holiday weekend...


i {heart} papers said...


Chickengirl said...

WOW. Such precision. You have the patience of a crafty Goddess!

I've only made 50 invites and that was already too much. I can't imagine making 120. They are looking fabulous!

Rachelle said...

I am in wedding mode as I just finished up my second batch of invites last week. (2 seperate weddings) I absolutely love the design of these. And your "contraption" is genius! My last invites required very precise cutting so I had to make foam stoppers on the paper cutter so they would all be cut exactly the same.