Sunday, July 10, 2011

Baby’s Birthday Weekend

OK, she’s not a baby. But she’ll always be MY baby, no matter how many times she celebrates birthdays! This year my youngest, Annisa, set a goal to move into her own apartment (and out of the one she shared with her sister) by her birthday, and she did it! She found a gorgeous studio apartment in Manhattan, and christened it with a double-header birthday celebration – one for friends and one for family – since it isn’t quite big enough to handle everyone at once. This called for two cakes. And one card. Very clever of me: offer to make cakes for both parties and you get to go to both of them!

Here’s Cake #1:
annisa-birthday-orange I tried to tie the colors in with her apartment (the sofa is orange, the rug is black and grey, table is white, chairs are black). This was a 9” chocolate cake filled with chocolate ganache, raspberry jam and fresh raspberries. Covered in orange and black fondant. Very yummy.

Cake #2 was a 6” carrot cake with cream cheese frosting:
small-annisa-orange-bday Very yummy as well. I ate altogether too much cake this weekend. And drank too much wine. I think I’m gonna skip my weigh-in tomorrow.

And here’s the birthday card:

annisa-birthday-butterflyBecause she is my beautiful, ever-evolving butterfly. Wish BIG, my sweet baby! And fly high. Love you, Annisa!

me and annisa 

(isn’t she gorgeous?!!)


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