Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It’s beginning to look a lot like…Thanksgiving!

Gobble, gobble! Every year in recent memory, I’ve made some kind of table favor for the Thanksgiving table (except for last year, when I made turkey cupcakes for dessert). Usually it was something crafted out of cardstock and filled with some kind of chocolate. This year, since I got a cake pop maker from my son and DIL (♥♥♥) for my birthday, I decided to make special cake pops for the occasion.

turkey-pops-closeup These guys (who will be wrapped up in cellophane) will grace each place at the table, and I’m guessing they won’t last until after the meal.

Despite a slight mishap (I dropped a whole tray of finished ones on the floor!), these were a LOT of fun to make! They are not the usual cake pops that are made from mushed up cake and frosting and then formed into balls. These little (chocolate) cakes are baked in balls and then dipped in melted chocolate.

The heads are Sugar Babies candies, the beaks are colored mini chips, and the wattles are little candy hearts. The cake decorating supply store was out of tiny candy eyes, so I had to improvise – these are little white candy confetti circles that I used a black edible marker on. I think they came out cute, if a little deranged-looking!

I had a few left over cake balls, so I decided to make a few sitting turkeys.
sitting-turkeys They’re just attached to individual candy melt disks with some melted chocolate. The middle one is adorable; the two outer ones look they escaped from the turkey loony bin!

OK, gotta get back to my preparations! Doing a mini-Thanksgiving dinner here tomorrow, and a big one at my dad’s with more of the family on Friday. I will miss having my kids with us this year, but when they’re all grown up, sometimes it just doesn’t work out. Maybe next year we’ll all be together!

Wishing all of my readers a wonderful Thanksgiving, with all the trimmings!


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Kim Hill said...

Love these!! So creative! Happy Thanksgiving!!