Wednesday, December 10, 2008

An obsession with cupcakes (and an exciting announcement!)

If you are a regular visitor to my blog, you will know that next to paper crafting, my favorite thing right now is cupcakes. And if you know ME, you know that I never just get interested in anything — I get obsessed. It's a Scorpio thing, I think.

My current obsession with cupcakes is rather recent. Last spring, when my youngest daughter was planning my older daughter's bridal shower, she had the brilliant idea to use cupcakes as both centerpieces and favors. This translated into 12 dozen cupcakes. That's a LOT of cupcakes! I agreed to make 8 dozen, and one of the bridesmaids would make another 4 dozen. I was absolutely sure that it would be a nightmare from which I would never recover. Much to my amazement, the job went much smoother and faster than I could have imagined, and I was hooked! The cupcakes came out great (I made the ones with the white and pink frosting).
We had stacks of Wilton boxes that held 4 cupcakes each that we gave out at the end, and everybody got to take home cupcakes!

I am so happy that the worlds of cupcakes and stamping have collided! This is where my exciting announcement comes in. But you'll have to wait until Friday to find out what it is. I know... I'm such a tease!


Jacqueline said...

what a YUMMY idea!! These look magnificent! how wonderful to put them in boxes for the guests!

Becky in East Tennessee said...

Omigosh! Toooo cute! Yes! Me luvs some cuppy cakes too! Hahaha! And a Scorpio thing. *LOL* I have that same problem. I am an ALL or NOTHING kinda gal. I either LOOOOOOOVE it or dont. Thanks so much for visiting my blog today. I have bookmarked yours...I will be back!