Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fun with Photos

I signed up to take one of Jessica Sprague’s free photo editing classes, which started this past Monday. Unfortunately, I’ve been so busy during the day at work, and so tired when I get home, that I just got to sit down and start the classes this morning. And what I realized is that the versions of Photoshop CS and Photoshop Elements that I have on my computer are too old. Like REALLY old. So I spent the better part of the day fighting with my computer to download a free trial version of Elements 7. But now that that’s done, I am learning so much!

Now, keep in mind that I didn’t actually take either of these photos. The first one, well I don’t even know who took it; the second one was a from a professional engagement photo shoot. But the girls are mine — my two gorgeous daughters.


This is my “baby” Annisa, who just turned 29 this week, although the picture was taken a couple of years ago. The photo itself was kinda blurry to begin with, but it’s such a great shot of her, and it totally went with the Word Art that was part of the lesson. This lesson was about using Frames and Word Art.


This is my other daughter, Laila, and her husband Roy. As I said, this was taken about a year and a half ago for their engagement shoot. This lesson was about using Photoshop Brushes, and I added the text.

Now I need to find a picture of my son and his wife for my next lesson…


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Lynn Mercurio said...

Awesome job Carolyn. I took Jessica's class too and while I haven't had time to really play with all the info, I've already learned so many new tricks. Don't you love all the free stuff that came with that class?!