Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How time flies…

I’m not quite sure how this happened, but this week my son turned 36. My firstborn. The boy who made me a mommy; the man who made me a grandma. Amazing. It is; he is.

And so of course I had to make him a card. Because that’s what I do. I make lots of cards. Unfortunately most of them never see the inside of an envelope. This one did. And it actually got mailed, too.

yusuf-36This card made me smile like crazy before it got mailed. I really liked the way it came out, but mostly it made me smile because it’s the first card in a long time that I just made. I didn’t (consciously) CASE anybody’s work, I didn’t follow a sketch challenge, I just made it. And it was good.

What I used:
Stamps: Big Birthday Wishes (
Paper: Teresa Collins
Everyday Moments
Dies: By the Numbers, Hexagon Cover Plate (PTI)

This makes me smile, too: my son as a baby, and my son as a daddy.

watermouse reading with daddy

How time flies…


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Kim H. said...

I love this card and I love your story with it. Congrats for just making a card and what a great reason to make it too. You are so talented and so blessed. :) I love your blog. thank you for sharing your life with us.