Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Couch Day?

While I still had my Wisteria paper out from my previous projects (see this post), I figured I’d use it to make a card for the FTL103 sketch.

I’m not quite sure what a couch day is – probably different things to different people. But to me it spoke to the comfort of having a friend over, sitting and chatting on my sofa (are you reading this, Lisette?), which I haven’t had for a while since my sofa has been covered with stuff for what seems like forever. See, my crafting has taken over my entire living/dining room. No longer is my (used-to-be) dining room table the only place I craft; the coffee table is my secondary spot, where my Big Shot now sits, surrounded by more stuff. Gotta do something about that so I can have friends over again!

Anyhow, I was so happy with the way this came out that I made another one, exactly the same but with different paper for a different feel. This one uses paper from the BG Nook and Pantry pad.
couchday-nookpantry I used Papertrey’s On My Couch set for both, and added a little shading (hard to see here) with my Copic markers.

There’s nothing good on TV tonight, so maybe I’ll do a little straightening up. Maybe.



Stephanie (Mommas Soapbox) said...

Love this! And by the way the answer is "YES, I need a couch day!" (smile)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I have a feeling there are a lot more people with stuff sitting here and there, than the 'hoarding' shows leave us to believe.

I have stuff in my bedroom and on the bed for when I can sit in bed and craft, on my couch and baskets on the floor near my couch, on my dining room table, and a totally trying to get it together craft room.

Are we hoarders? or do we have such a crafty mind that the stuff we have surrounding us, is a bases for inspiration?