Friday, November 26, 2010

Look who’s hiding in my refrigerator…


Are these not the cutest little turkey cupcakes you have ever seen? I’ve been working on them since Wednesday, and they’re all tucked away now, chillin’ and waiting for their trip to the Philadelphia area to meet the family today. Too bad their lifespan will be only slightly longer than their poultry counterpart. Gobble gobble! They even look a little apprehensive, don’t they?

A few details for those who are curious: I got the idea here. I used Trader Joe’s Yellow Cake Mix for the cupcakes (first time – I’ll let you know…), and for the frosting, I made a Bittersweet Chocolate Swiss Meringue Buttercream. Let me tell you folks, this stuff should be against the law. Never have I tasted anything so sinfully silky and deliciously decadent. Trouble with a capital “T”.

The tail feathers and beaks are made of fondant. Hopefully, the food coloring will have worn off my hands by the time you read this. I cheated and bought the eyes already made at NY Cake and Baking Supply, which is conveniently (and dangerously) located about a block and a half from my office.

Have a wonderful day. Catch up with you soon!


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whoistracy said...

Oh my gosh- these are soooo adorable Carolyn. I bet everyone loved them. Will you be making Santa cupcakes for Christmas, too??