Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's all about the wedding!

If anyone out there wondered why I seemed to have gone underground for the better part of last year when my SCS posts suddenly stopped, let me just explain that my oldest daughter got married in May, and for many months leading up to the big event I was busy creating a great deal of the "stuff" that was involved in that. The colors of the wedding were brown and fuchsia. These are some of the things I made:

The invitations. You can't tell from this first picture, but they were actually pocket invitations (Stardream Bronze), and the fuchsia ribbon at the bottom was actually wrapped around the closed invite. You can see the inserts in the second picture (and yes, I fixed the spelling of Accommodations before I printed the final ones -- this was a test sample).

I made the Unity Candle for the ceremony. I printed onto vellum and heated it onto the candle. Then I wrapped the ribbon around the top and bottom of the vellum.

Then there were the seating cards, the menus, and the table numbers for the reception:

The table numbers were done with some very cheap 5x7 frames from Walgreen's. But they were silver—so I got some gold Rub'n'Buff and made them gold. The numbers are just printed in brown on vanilla cardstock.

Oh, and for the guests who were staying at a nearby hotel, we made gift bags filled with goodies. Of course I had to make some nugget boxes to put in there.

Oh, I almost forgot! I made the box for the wedding cards at the reception. That was a big challenge for me, and I seriously killed my hot glue gun. Really -- it's dead. But it came out gorgeous and Laila was thrilled. The bottom of the middle box is actually cut away, as is the top of the bottom box, so the cards just drop to the bottom of the whole thing.

So now you know what kept me occupied for all those months. And I loved every minute of it! Hope you enjoyed seeing it all.


Annette said...

absolutely gorgeous. I just love your creativity. thanks for sharing

Chickengirl said...

I loved everything you did for laila's beautiful!!!

And YAY for you for having a blog!!! (finally!)